Czech Dances and Folksongs

On this page I am presenting the Czech dance Polka, and some wind instrument bands, as well as some country folksongs and festivities.


Czech Dances, Folksongs and Festivities


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The polka originated with the Czechs (in Bohemia) and is the national dance. Commonly people believe that the word Polka came from the word "Polka", a Czech word for a polish woman. In reality the word "polka" came from the word "půlka" (poolka), which means "half", referring to the skipping step, the half step, which is characteristic of this dance.

Hody (feast) is a post harvest feast and festivities, an old custom still practiced by the country folks till this day in many places. Usually dressing in traditional costumes of the particular region, which characterizes the particular people's uniqueness and folks wear it with pride. All individual costumes are unique by themselves as the women make their own at home.

  Wind instrument bands, which were, and still are popular in Czech Republic, especially during the various holidays where they present mainly the dance music, as well as the sing-along songs. The Czech people tend to dance and sing instead of fight when they drink vine or beer. The "Beer Barrel Polka" as it is known here, is actually an old Czech song. Here are various presentations of this entertainment. In the first part of this video a man stands up and interrupts the band, playing the "Skoda Lasky" (The Roll out the Barrels), note they take their children to these dances and entertainments. Of course all this is slowly dying with the globalization and the Americanization of the world.

More music and folksongs presented by the "Budvarka" wind instrument band.



Written by Ludvik K. Stanek




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