Arrival To Kladruby Stud - School

The introduction of Kladruby Stud and the School, and my arrival in September 1961.


The Kladruby Stud and the School, and my arrival in1961.


In introduction I would like to point out, that the present school that exists there now, as well as the stud farm, is not even remotely anything like the stud farm and school I have attended in 1961 to 1963.

Today it is mostly for girls, (90% or more), and is run mostly by women, who changed everything, including the education, according to the contemporary times and day, where there is hardly any practical use for horses, hence everything is about the show and the appearance sake.

In one of the interviews they asked one of the women running things there, what was the Kladruby horse all about, and how does one chose them and select them for breeding. Her answer could not be more absurd and silly, as she stated that the Kladruber horse, first and for most, has to look "noble", since they use them in various countries for the carriages of the royals. What does it mean, looking noble? I can't even comment on this nonsense and silliness, obviously!

One thing is sure, that every time we breed animals for the appearance sake, or as some fools tend to call it, "for beauty", we end up breeding useless and often fairly ugly animals full of defects, hence the present and sad state of the horse in this modern world.

Now and days, according to what I've heard, the graduates of the school are not perceived favorably among other horse folks, especially not among women, as these girls graduating from the school tend to be egotistical and arrogant when dealing with those folks that did not receive any education. This is a part of the social ailments of the Czechs and the modern world, the social prejudices among the educated and the uneducated, men and women alike. And so I am more or less reluctant to admit that I went to this school, because I do not want in anyway associate my name with that school today.

The school has become nothing but an equine circus, full of arrogant women and girls, as they removed the very important aspect in education of horsemen of the older days, which was the humiliation of the student. The humiliating of the student was primarily done for the sake of eradicating any pride, that may have been in the student, and to introduce him to humility, since the human arrogance and pride is the leading cause of the abuse of horses today, as well as yesterdays.

Unfortunately for me, and again, I have arrived to the school with my dad in the government limo, and again it did not help much, as most folks would instinctively distance themselves from anything of the government, since people in the government were mostly communists, while most Czechs were not, even already in those days, especially where the country folks were concerned. And so I was not put only on the black list for being a child of an elitist, but also on the red list for being the child of a communist. And so the only person that associated with me at the early days was my former roommate from the farm we worked on previously coming to this school.

In fairly short time it became clear not only to the students, but also to the school, which had a director who was a communist, that their presumption of me was false. To keep things in context, I prefer to mention now, that I was almost expelled from the school, because I was refusing to become the member of the ČSM, which stood for the organization of the Czechoslovakian communist youth, like the pioneer organization was for the younger children.

The ČSM was the youth membership that was required for the membership in the communist party, once the youth became an adult, hence without it I could never join the communist party, and so it was common for the schools to enroll all the students. At his point I was removed from the red list, so-to-speak, and was put on the communist black list, but thanks to God, I had the protection of my dad, and so I suffered no serious repercussions, but unfortunately in time my dad did, as did my brother, especially after I've stayed illegally in the west.

My refusal to join the communist youth organization of course got to my father's ears along the political channels, and he came in. He had a talk with me for a while, but not forcing me into anything. Then he had a talk with the school director, pointing out to him, that the entering into that organization was purely voluntary, and forcing children into it would not be proper along the communist beliefs. And so as it happened, I was the only student at that point, as far as I know, that did not join this organization of the communist youth of Czechoslovakia, and graduated.

 Of all things, my dad was truly an honest person, who despite our "political" differences and frictions never stopped being my dad, and I thank God for that.

The school itself at that time was located in the Kladruby Stud chateau, as opposed today, where they built a new school for the students, and restored the chateau to its original state as a tourist attraction, since the entire Stud lives now very much from the tourists, hence all made for the show to attract the visitors.

I was put up with seven other boys in the last room, next to the toilets, into the "dungeons", or better said on the bottom floor of the chateau that was originally the servants' quarters, as well as storage rooms. It had floors tiled with large stones, even in some of the rooms. The downstairs was at that time for the newcomers, and the upstairs was for the second year students, as this was only a two-year school.

The second floor had very nice rooms, beautiful hardwood floors and such, originally for the lord and his guests. I was looking forward to the second year, not only because of the concept of "moving up" from the "greenhorn" level, but also to better rooms. Unfortunately, or maybe not, that year it was changed, and I ended up spending the entire two years living in the "dungeons", metaphorically speaking of course.

The order of the school, and the included work on the Stud farm alongside the professionals, is another story.

Written by Ludvik K. Stanek March 14, 2011




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